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Le texte massorétique d’Isaïe et ses témoins de Qumrân (1QIsaa, 1QIsab)

by areopage on juillet 25th, 2013

Je continue ma lecture du Sôfer Mahîr.

A. v.d. Kooij, chargé du livre d’Isaïe dans la BHQ, fait état de quelques variantes entre le texte massorétique et les témoins retrouvés à Qumrân, et qui semblent assez représentatives (pp.143-152, « The Text of Isaiah and Its Early Witnesses in Hebrew« ).

Après les précédents posts, sa conclusion me paraît être le rappel de base, qui devrait être en filigrane lors de toute observation potentiellement originale :

From the above analysis the picture emerges that while in a few cases shared readings in Qumran mss testify to a better text, in many cases the combined evidence turns out to be of a secondary nature in comparison to M. This may not be surprising as far as concerns 1QIsaa, but it is interesting to note that 1QIsab, a ms that is considered to be archaic, or ‘pre-Masoretic’ (Barthélemy), also contains readings – albeit to a much lesser extent, which testify to tendencies such as linguistic adaptation to later Hebrew or to a more common usage in the Hebrew Bible. (…) Thus, as far the above evidence goes, M attests a textual tradition which was transmitted in the early days – third century b.c.e. up to second century c.e. – in a more strict and accurate way.

Cela dit son étude porte uniquement sur les témoins en hébreu du texte.

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